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Plain Halva

Koska- 700g.
Product Description
Since 1907

Koska’s origins reach back to a halvah-maker’s shop operated by Hajji Emin Bey in the west Anatolian town of Denizli around the turn of the 20th century. In 1931, Halil Ibrahim Adil Dindar, who was still pursuing the family business, came to Istanbul together with his sons and together they opened a shop of their own in a district of the city known as Koska. In time, the shop’s reputation as a maker of high-quality halvah and other confections grew and the business became known as “Koska Helvacisi” after its location. Transformed into a company, the enterprise flourished and in 1974 it set up a factory in the Topkapi district of Istanbul, where it began producing Turkish delight, nougat, and fruit preserves in addition to its traditional line of halvahs. As the business grew, the brothers Mümtaz and Nevzat Dindar decided to relocate production to a newly constructed modern plant in the Merter district where they continued operating under the name “Koska Helvacisi Merter”. In its new home, Koska continued to expand its range of products while maintaining the high standards of quality for which the Koska name was famous. In 1990, the company began producing tahini (sesame seed paste) in a brand-new completely automated facility. Today, Koska is still a family-run business, cherished over by the third generation of Hajji Emin’s descendants. In late 1998, production was again relocated to a new plant with 15,000 square meters of enclosed space near the Avcilar-Ambarli intersection in Istanbul.
Sesame paste, sugar, emulsufier,enzyme modified soy protein, acidity regulator, nature identical flavour (vanilin).
Nutrition Facts
for Serving Size 100gr:

Calories: 530Kcal
Total Fat: 34.9gr
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 192mg
Carbohydrate: 48.1gr
Sugar: 42gr
Protein: 14.8gr

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