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Roasted Hazelnut Kernels

Chit Chat- 300g.
Product Description
A natural health bomb; small in size, huge in effect! Hazelnut is a unique flavour full of vitamins and minerals. Its benefits are countless: Reduces cholesterol, beautifies the skin and most importantly, gives energy. A handful of hazelnuts we will consume every day will help protecting ourselves from many diseases. Hazelnuts, as fresh as the first day, are offered by Tadim!

It is a food item that is friendly with your heart and blood vessels due to the fact that it is a source of Omega 3.
Omega 3 it contains, prevents blood clots and atherosclerosis, lowers the blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease in diabetes patients.
It is rich in vitamin E therefore has antioxidant qualities and reduces the effects of aging; it is good against the drops in the blood sugar levels during menstruation.
Vitamin E it contains, prevents the development of diabetes and arranges the functions of heart, blood vessels, brain and nervous system, furthermore it helps the healing process of the wounds and protects against prostate cancer.
It contains vitamin B9 that is essential and necessary to be supplemented during pregnancy. Vitamin B9 reduces the substance that causes atherosclerosis and also decreases heart attack, stroke and senility risk.

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