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Lakerda (Pickled Bonito) - *Frozen Item

Fantis- 7oz.
Product Description
Weight is approximately 6-8 oz for 2 slices.

Lakerda is a pickled bonito dish eaten as a mezze in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire and Greek Empire. Made from one-year-old bonito migrating through the Bosphorus is especially prized.

Steaks of bonito are boned, soaked in brine, then salted and weighted for about a week. They are then ready to eat, or may be stored in olive oil.
Sometimes large mackerel or small tuna are used instead of bonito.

In Greece, lakerda is usually served as a mezze, with sliced onion. Lemon juice and olive oil are common but criticized accompaniments. In Turkey it is usually served as mezze, with sliced red onion, olive oil and black pepper. It is accompanied with raki.

Suggested States for Fedex Ground Delivery:
Will be shipped w/ice packs. Faster delivery options are required for the other states.(1-2 day delivery).
Otherwise, bestturkishfood.com will not be responsible for any damages that occurs.
Bonito or Albacore Tuna fish, sunflower oil, salt.

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