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Tekirdag Fresh Grape Raki (IL Residents Only - Please Click Item for the Restrictions)

Mey- 1l.
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Product Description
You must be at least 21 years of age to order alcoholic beverages.
Additionally, all shipments of alcoholic beverages within the United States require an adult's signature at the time of delivery. If an order includes alcoholic beverages along with the regular items, still requires an adult’s signature to be delivered.

Best Turkish Food will arrange for shipment on behalf of our customer, to an address specified by our customer, provided that Best Turkish Food in its sole judgement believes that such shipment will not subject Best Turkish Food to the risk of any sort of legal action or other harm. If a customer lives in a state where the direct shipment of alcoholic beverages by BTF violates the law, we suggest that the customer provide an alternative address in another state or have their alcoholic beverage shipped to a third-party storage facility in a direct shipping-friendly state. As a service to our customers, we have compiled a listing of these facilities, which are not affiliated with BTF. We do not provide an endorsement of any facility and we recommend that you contact the facility directly to determine if their costs and services meet your needs.

If you are planning on having alcoholic beverages shipped within the US, please be advised that orders on our Web site will only accept when the shipping address is in State of ILLINOIS. All of our customers are welcome to visit our location and purchase alcoholic beverages with a valid photo ID.

Produced from the best aniseed and grapes of Turkey, with its soft palate and unique taste, Tekirdag Rakisi has gained the admiration of all raki lovers, including female consumers.

The story of Tekirdag Rakisi begins with the grape and aniseed that is used in its production arriving at the distillery. After the fresh grapes and raisins are cut into pieces in the cutting machines they are placed in tanks with water, and sira, the grape juice, is prepared. Pure yeast is added to the sira placed in tanks to start alcoholic fermentation. This process produces the ‘suma', which carries the unique aroma of grapes which have been distilled until the alcohol content is 94,5 %.

The mixture is then placed in traditional five thousand litre copper alembics and aniseed with high essential oil content is added, the quantity of which is determined by the oil content. The next stage is the isolation of the mid-product, which has the ideal softness and drinking characteristics. The raki experts of Mey remove the head and tail product at just the right levels, and, following a second distillation, place the mid-product in oak barrels to rest for a period that ranges from 20 days to 3-4 months. Filtered for one last time before being bottled, the Tekirdag Rakisi is now ready to set out for its esteemed place on raki tables.

Produced from grape based distillate (suma) and available in 70 cl bottles at the Tekirdag Distillery with 45%abv.

Suggestion for drinking: It may be drank straight up or with 1/3 added water or mineral water, yet always cold (8-10°C). Raki may be taken as an aperitif; the Turkish way of drinking raki would be at a ‘çilingir' table, with the distinctive cold and hot meze.

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