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Assorted Turkish Delight (Pistachio, Hazelnut, Plain, Rose)

Haci Bekir- 500g.
Product Description
Real Turkish Delight of Haci Bekir combines delicious flavours and satin-smooth texture since 1777 this speciality of Haci Bekir has been made of sugar and starch and depending on the type of various kind of nuts with flavours. This favourite sweet of oriental countries was introduced to the western world by and English traveller in the 19th century who bought it from Haci Bekir since then it has been universally popular as Turkish Delight. For over 200 years now in Turkiye and middle east Lokum is synonymus with Haci Bekir and vice versa.
Sugar, corn starch, pistachios, hazelnuts, rose petals, acidity regulator, cream of tartar, water.

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