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Gemlik Sele Olives (Bulk)

Marmara Birlik- 1lb.
Product Description
Sele olives are only cured with oil, no water or chemicals are used for ripening. This way you can have the real taste of black olives. With 25% more oil ratio than the other black olives, sele olives are easily grazed.

Olive consists of; water, protein, oil, cellulose, phosphor, sulphur, calcium, chlorine, iron, copper, A,C,E vitamins. There are 224 calories in 100 gr olive. 100 gr olive oil consists of 30 mg E vitamin. There are 10-25% oil in flesh part and 25-50% oil in the seed part of the oil. Taste Miracle of the Nature... Gemlik Type Olives... Thin peel, small seed and big flesh. Oil rate (25%) is high. Flesh part easily separates from seed part. As it consists of Iron A vitamin and much calcium, it is very healthy. It Olive oil is an oil gained only from olive tree (Olea europaea sativa Hoffm. et Link), consumed in natural form without any chemical process and is liquid in room temperature. E vitamin in the olive oil has a protective effect against cancer and is good for hair. A, D, E vitamins, calcium, phosphor, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese vitamins provide bone development. Olive oil cleans the bad cholesterol in the blood called "LDL" and increases the good cholesterol called HDL". It also decreases blood sugar in diabetes patients. is a unique taste miracle served in tin boxes, vacuumed packages and glass jars. Marmarabirlik olive paste is brined fully with natural methods and is produced from edible olives. Black olive paste, which is prepared with care, consists all the nutrients in the olive and olive oil. Edible olive paste in good quality is peraped with hickory, garlic and spices such as mint, thyme and cumin. Our product takes place in front with its appetitive quality besides its nutrient quality.

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